5% of All Sales Goes to Charity

Every month we select a charity to support...

5% of every purchase, NOT a percentage of the profits, the entire purchase, goes to charity. The charity will change every month on the 1st of the month.

*Some charities may repeat during a one year period.

We try to be all inclusive of the charities that are chosen, they are not all about the LGBTQ+ community.

We support:

  • Children with Cancer and Life Threatening Illness,
  • Victims of Natural Disasters,
  • Victims of Domestic Violence,
  • Victims of Child Abuse,
  • Ending Homelessness and Hunger,
  • Abused Animals,
  • Saving the Planet,
  • American Veterans,
  • People with Mental and Physical Disabilities,
  • And Many, Many More!

If you have any suggestions as to an organization we should support, Contact Us and let us know the details and why you think they should be included in the list.

Help Even More!

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